Mrs. Russell

 Mrs. Russell

Welcome to our School!

My name is Misty Russell and I am the principal.  Garfield Elementary is a warm and friendly place to be.  The theme of our year is “Dive into Learning”.  I have the privilege each day to see over two hundred second and third graders having fun while they are learning.  The teachers and staff at Garfield pour their heart and soul into our students and work hard to ensure that the lessons are engaging and challenging.  

This is my eleventh year in education and my fourth year in administration.  Prior to becoming a principal I taught Family and Consumer Science at Parsons High School for seven years.  My husband and I have raised our three sons, who are now 26, 22 and 17 in Parsons and have lived here for twenty years.  

I was born and raised on a farm in Springfield, Missouri.  Some of my favorite childhood activities were hunting with my dad and playing “school” and being the “teacher” to my little brother and stuffed animals.   Besides being a wife and mother I knew someday that I wanted a career that involved working with people.  I had many different jobs while growing up and believe that part of our education is learned from our jobs.  That is where I found out what I liked to do and didn’t like to do. 

I believe very strongly that you can do anything you want with your life.  One of my favorite quotes is, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me", by Henry Ford.  Each child is born with special gifts and talents and throughout their education they acquire skills.  I don’t like to hear people say that they can’t pursue a particular career field because a certain skill that it requires doesn’t come easy for them.   I believe that if you want it bad enough you will work hard and do what it takes to get there.  There have been times throughout my life that I thought for a moment that I couldn’t achieve something and every time my mother has replied, “Yes, you can!”   

One of my goals as principal of Garfield Elementary is to begin to introduce the second and third graders to the 16 Career Clusters that represent 79 different Career Pathways.  My hope is that students will start to think about what they want to do after they graduate from high school.   I will be one of the people in their life who will tell them that they can do amazing things with their life and that with hard work and perseverance the sky’s the limit.